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Room By Room – Getting Organized

I’ve been following the Apartment Therapy social media account for quite some time and was thrilled to find out they have some really fantastic books published. I thought it would be great to feature a section from the book Apartment Therapy – Complete & Happy Home called Getting Organized.

Organizing your space isn’t just about bins and shoe racks and drawer liners. It really is about creating areas of high functionality that will actually increase happiness and peace of mind.

I’ve pulled some information from the book and added some of my own tips that I have utilized in my home.

– Let function dictate storage. Coffee near the coffeemaker. Dishtowels near the sink. Spices near the stove. You get the idea. When you can, buy sets of dinnerware, glasses and storage containers. Of course mix and matching is trendy but sets will stack neatly and make the best use of your shelf space. Put all your dry goods in matching airtight containers. It will look cohesive and keep everything fresher longer. Here are some amazing mason jar containers a friend made for me. Not only do they look adorable but I can cut down on plastic by taking these containers to places like Bulk Barn to buy my dry goods in bulk!

– Temporary landing space, not a permanent dumping area. Keep only regularly used coats, shoes and accessories in this space. Move anything else to a spare closet or storage. Seasonal organization will keep this area decluttered and high functioning.

– Keep only your daily essentials out and easily accessible. A small tray or container will keep your products from taking over the entire countertop and limits spills. Make sure items that guests will need (toilet paper, bathroom spray, soap and lotion) are visible to avoid an awkward situation. Nobody wants to have to rifle through other people’s cupboards (okay maybe some of you will do that anyways).

– The top of your desk is for items you use EVERYDAY ONLY! Everything else should be out of sight. Invest in wireless technology whenever possible. Tangled cords = chaos. Don’t forget visual inspiration. A vision board will keep your dreams where they belong – in clear focus.

– This is a great place to get cozy. But don’t let your throw blankets and pillows take over. Consider storing them by season in a trunk that can double as your coffee table. Opt for all-in-one gadgets to limit the number of console and remotes. Keep it simple. Consider double-duty furniture that acts as storage and seating when you have more than a few friends over.

– My number one tip: separate by seasons. Take a couple days every season and rotate to a spare closet. It will make your wardrobe selection less time consuming and will free up tons of space. Grab a few baskets to organize worn clothing – one for dark laundry, one for light, one for the drycleaners and one for anything that needs to be repaired. Find a storage system for your shoes that works best for you – whether it be a shoe rack or individual plastic bins.

The most important thing to remember when getting organized is that it needs to be personalized! A organizing system that works for someone else might not work for you. Switch it up if you need to but always stick with it, you’ll feel the difference quickly I promise!

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